Dave Datblygu

1. The book and CD.

2. The front cover photo.

3. The Carmarthen journal Article.

4. One for the newspaper I sent in B&W they prefer colour, on this occasion they had no chance or choice.

5. Dave.

6. His guitar in the corner which features in one of his poems.

7. I couldn’t resist getting my CD signed.

8. This image is on the back cover, also one of my favourite shots it captures the atmosphere and doesnt paint the typical colourful picture people like to see this is real life.

So Dave Datblygu’s book “Dave Datblygu’s Search in English for the House of Tolerance” has arrived. I shot the the cover back in January so to be able to see the book in print and listen to him read the poems on the accompanying CD was the cherry on the cake for me.

Where do I start with this?

I’m useless at writing it’s only my fifth blog. I’ll apologise in advance, sorry Dave my ramblings won’t do you or the book any justice.

My good friend Simon Tucker asked me to shoot the cover of Dave’s book which didn’t need any arm twisting the money was just a bonus. I get to meet up with a Welsh music Icon/legend and photograph him. 

I fill the car up with studio lights and gear the usual overkill to try and impress the client. I got there and decided no its back to basics two prime lenses and no lighting. I want to capture Dave in his own environment as he sits and writes not some magazine style bullshit photoshoot. 

I’ve only met Dave once in the Friends Arms in Johnstown a few years ago and knew he was a humble gentleman, he invited me, a stranger into his home, cup of tea straight away and start chatting about the book and what he wants as a front cover. Nothing too complicated lets keep it simple.

I noticed he loved a rollie, the room was thick with smoke, I gave up 17 years ago, I had to endure it and to be honest didn’t mind, hence the front cover shot. I asked him to sit at his table as if he was writing and forget I was there, I took a load of photos too many, my favourite one just happened to be Dave’s too and ended up on the front cover. Its not your run of the mill front cover but its captured him perfectly, in my eyes anyway.

The images here were chosen by Dave except 1,3 and 7. 

I have to say I really enjoyed this photo photoshoot something I will do more of this year, you can get bored with the normal run of the mill jobs that have to be done to pay bills, I enjoyed talking with Dave who is a great man and I spent longer than I had budgeted for with him, at the end of the day you can’t put a price on meeting a great and interesting person with so much talent.

The book is well worth every penny, his witty and close to the bone observations and the way he looks at life will not disappoint, the accompanying CD of Dave reading the poems is out of this world his timing and passion shines through, its recorded on dictaphone in his kitchen the accompanying music is recorded by Ash Cooke - Aka Pulco which coupled with Dave’s narrative is a match made in heaven. Ash is the owner of Recordiau Prin and is the publisher of the book which was the brainchild of Dave Edwards and Simon Tucker, awesome effort lads really is a work of art.

Enough from me, Peace and Love Mike x

Book is available HERE


Recordiau Prin

Chow Mwng

Towy Floods 2015

Bit late getting this up but as you can see i’m not one for “blogging” i’m going to try and get a few up this year. Sunday 20/12/15 The Towy bursts its banks and floods, not only does it flood the fields and footpaths etc it floods Facebook with pics taken on smart phones. So I better get up and out like the rest and catalog the event. I’m not a Landscape Photographer  but I do like getting out and about with the camera and get some shots, so with this set of images its just a record of my day out with the camera which I don’t do enough of. Starting off in town taking bog standard everyone pics, I decided to go for a spin up the valley to Paxtons Tower and Dryslwyn Castle then finished off back in town. I might come across as if I don’t like smart phones but they are pretty cool the speed at which you can show your social network whats happening etc. but I do prefer going out and taking the photos with a camera. They say every day is a learning experience what did I learn on this day? I’m very unfit and need to get up earlier to get the shots I want, also my selfie gets more likes than my photos maybe they aren’t as good as I thought they were! 

Fields covered taken from Wilko’s car park.

Standard shot of the Quay with the vehicles stranded. the owner was there and got very upset at the amount of people taking photos, what do you expect?

Another Standard shot probably the hundredth to take that shot that day.

Its great that he takes that pic and within seconds someone in Australia can see it

Look no car park.

Went up to Paxtons Tower not the best weather rain was coming across in sheets at least the sheep was smiling.

Cheesy snap of the tower, standard

Half way up Dryslwyn Castle have a breather I’m really unfit swans swimming on what is supposed to be a field.

could of done with some cloud here look he’s got his phone out even the dog looks bored.

I’m too old for climbing not the best sky or light should of got up here earlier.

Quick selfie, it gets 172 likes and 4 shares, why???

quick cheesy shadow selfie

See if I’d of got up there earlier I wouldn’t be shooting into the sun

Up the Valley towards Llandeilo

Abergwili Footbal pitch.

Flood gates closed.

Natural Resources Wales working around the clock pumping the water away.

Lucky the flood wall is there

White bridge

Looking towards town and the moon was out.

Last one if you’ve got this far fair do’s to you.

Random day by the river

I’m not one for “blogging” as its only my third one and i’m not good with words or spelling or punctuation either,  anyway I had a good day today and wanted to share my images with whoever. It started off with me walking down by the river where I came across a digger in the river, met a guy also called Mike nice chap bit of a drink problem, on the old Frosty Jacks at 12.30pm nothing wrong with that in his world, who am I to judge? but he made an interesting subject to photograph, on  his top he had “welsh and thirsty” he certainly was necking it back.

Had the heads up the water was dirty enough for the Coracle Men to go out fishing in the day a rare and wonderful sight,  I had a few snaps of them, then Rick turned up with his guitar down by White Bridge and serenaded us with “knocking on heavens door” a lovely bloke with a well lived in face, rock and roll see!! anyway he didn’t bring the fish out he just strolled off into the distance strumming his guitar. 

The light was very harsh hence the strong black and white contrast. I only took one camera and lens, back to basics, could of done with a few more bits of kit but wanted to keep it simple.

Anyway as I find it hard to get my words out these pics might help.

Peace and Love 


Digger in the river

clearing the mud

Mike sitting peacefully enjoying the sunshine.

Frosty Jacks cider


He sits there drinking his cider life passing him by

I got excited I thought they had caught a salmon or a sewin it was a branch

weird fish T-shirt :)

White Bridge I love this Carmarthen Landmark

they are  in there somewhere

The Knocker

Andrew and Jer

could of done with that train about now

Rick doing knocking on heavens door


strumming away in the distance

Andrew and Jer walking back

Walk like an Egyptian reflection

Dai and Malcolm

through the grid


Sad day in King Street

Gutted today as it was the closing down sale of my local independent record store :(

Matt “The Hat” “Tangled Parrott” a true gent, Legend, friend and an all round good bloke, He has been an influence on many a man woman and child on music for 14 years in Carmarthen not only providing an excellent service supplying vinyl and CD’s to us the locals, he has been the stalwart of many a band too without his passion for live music many bands would have never formed. Sad Sad day but maybe a Pheonix will rise from the ashes ;) .

Tangled Parrott we will miss you thanks for your service to the town.

Peace and Love


Bumped into a cool Busker

Met this really cool Busker today in Carmarthen , I took a photo of him and he smiled to acknowledge me, I looked for some change and only had a one pound coin so that’s all i could give him, He did something then that was really nice he struck up a conversation with me. Yes a conversation with a complete stranger in 2014.
Instantly we got on and shared some taste in music he obliged and started playing a Smiths number as we were chatting, so as we chatted I took some more photos then he started posing for them showing his unique and lovable character, we exchanged details so I could show him the photos, and when I was going he said to me something I used to say to people along time ago “Peace and Love” I haven’t heard that for a long time what a pleasure to meet James Guest the really cool Busker I bumped into.

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